Masonic Connections Network

Our vision for Masonic Connections was to interconnect lodges so that they can share content and collaborate within the lodge and between different lodges. There are many successful lodges that have great ideas that we can all leverage. Traditionally we relied on the visitation system and our social networks for these ideas to propagate, but now we can use the Masonic Connections Network as a supplemental conduit for these ideas. This can be accomplished through Information Feeds and Newsletters.

Information Feeds can be something as simple as, but not limited to, an Education Feed that displays on our site, the feed could also be configured for other lodges to display the same content on their site. This helps other lodges that either struggle to get their members to generate content or do not have the privilege of experienced Masons that share their knowledge. The contributing lodge gets the opportunity to show their intellectual assets beyond their home lodge; Lodges helping lodges, Masonic values in action.

Newsletters are the second mechanism for lodges to share their activities and accomplishments with lodge members and other lodges. Think of it as a supplement to Temple Topics without the size restrictions, hard deadlines, or space limitations. Newsletters can be configured for lodge members to receive or they can be made available to any member of the Masonic Connections Network for an even larger audience.

Masonic Connections is a service offering from SoftEXIT and is exclusive to Masonic Organizations. We do not have a commercial offering of this service.


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